Digital Transformation: Threat or Opportunity?


Digital transformation and technological disruption are changing everything. From how businesses deliver value and interact with customers to the tenor of our political discourse.

Today, individuals have the power to produce widely disseminated opinions—impacting business owners and policymakers on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Yet, many organizations struggle to compete on the Internet, often because they treat it like an expensive headache without a clear ROI.

Whether you’re a small business, trade association, or political campaign, technological change doesn’t have to be a source of stress and anxiety. Legion Digital Marketing provides the tools to boost your digital presence, making it possible to handle the process yourself or leave it to us.

A well-designed digital program doesn’t have to break the bank, either. It certainly doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars on new technology and expensive consultants. Instead, businesses can obtain an entire suite of affordable products from Legion Digital Marketing, including social media management, advertising, and search engine optimization.

The key to survival is adaptation. Don’t be overcome by this wave of digital transformation. Instead, use it to your advantage. With Legion as your partner, it’s easy to embrace change and step-up your digital game.

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How is my business performing online?

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Be Heard

If you’re not on the first page of search results related to your keywords, then research says 95% of Google searchers will never see your website. We help you cut through Internet “white noise” with quality content, search engine optimization, and much more. The best part: we back it all up with rock solid data analytics. Use our tools to identity new customers, advocates, and donors.

Be Seen

Video content is one of the biggest challenges for candidates, non-profits and small businesses. It takes time to produce quality video and keep customers engaged online. Yet, quality video can be expensive to produce. At Legion, we offer many different types of video production, giving you the flexibility and cost savings to generate amazing content.

Be Focused

You don’t have to write social media posts or even come up with the content for your website and blog if you don’t want to.  From our own original copy writing to news feed to aggregation of outside content, we’ll help you crack the Internet code and attract more eyeballs. You do your thing—whether winning an election, opposing a bill, or selling more cheeseburgers. We’ll do the rest.

Legion Digital Marketing – We specialize in digital so you can focus on everything else.

We received the free digital report card from Legion and loved it. Our firm was graded on things such as the quality and quantity of online reviews and how easy our business was to find through Internet listings and on social media platforms. After one look at the results, we knew we could do better. Now, we’re counting on Legion Digital Marketing to guide us through a transformation of our marketing programs. They have lived up to and exceeded our expectations.


Rob Sniffen
Founder and CEO, Sniffen & Spellman Law Firm (Tallahassee)

Legion’s digital tools are an outstanding tool for trade associations and non-profits.


Stuart Roy
Founder and CEO, Strategic Action Public Affairs (Washington, DC)

Legion’s leadership has decades of experience in advocacy, politics and direct marketing. I highly recommend Eric and his team.


Hazen Marshall

Founder, Marshall and Popp (Washington, DC)

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